• Thoughts of the past ruin the health of

    Scientists from the University of Granada believe that people’s attitude to the events of the past, present or future expectations affect perception of health and quality zhizni. Issledovateli interviewed 50 people (25 women and 25 men from 20 to 70 years) by means of questionnaires and tests. They used a questionnaire ┬źZimbardo Time Perspective Inventory┬╗ or time perspective, which describes the relationship to the past, present and future. “We have found that people who negatively evaluate past events of his life, also have a pessimistic or fatalistic attitude to current affairs. This creates considerable difficulties in their relationships with others, and why are people worse about the quality of their lives, “- explains Christian Oyanadel, author of the study, published in the journal Universitas Psychologica. Zalogom health is a balance in three time zones. These people derive positive experience from the past. They are focused on achieving future goals and do not forget the pleasant emotions in different people nastoyaschem. Takie physical stamina, good mental health, so are less likely to get sick and do not notice the discomfort and pain in the body. But people targeted in the future, they forget to live the present and nullify past experience. Because they often complain of poor quality zhizni. Pessimisty negatively evaluating their past, often complain of physical pain and illness. Meanwhile, the ratio of respondents to our future is not related to their health. Among the respondents, less all complained of health problems people who “learn from their past mistakes and focus on achieving the objectives in the future… Without neglecting the pleasures of life” – the researchers note.


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